Email Checklist: Getting Your Engage Email Ready to Send

Do you ever get a little nervous right before you push send on your email campaign?

There’s so much to check - and with lots of last-minute changes and tight deadlines it can get intense. Especially when there lots of people receiving it. Because, like print, once email is out there, it’s out there (though with Engage, you can update the links after an email is sent, or pause and stop a partly-sent mailout).

Calm those nerves with a pre-send checklist. Using the Engage Email Pre-Send Checklist will help give you confidence that your email is ready to go.

Run through it before your next email goes out.

Download the Engage Email Pre-Send Checklist

Business Analyst

Think helicopter. You have a big picture view, yet dart into the detail at various points. You start by interviewing clients and our internal project managers to understand the business problem. You then create and design an effective forward thinking solution. You document the road map, pass the design and transfer the knowledge to the software developers. You manage change requests, expectations and resolve queries. You then test the completed solution or manage the software testers. Quality control excites you.

This role is both rewarding and challenging; there are limitless business problems and a wide variety of potential solutions. It's rewarding to first be able to understand a business problem and then to design an effective software solution and manage the entire development process.

You’ll need to be:

  • comfortable meeting and working with all types of personality; from people on the shop floor up a CEO and with IT specialists
  • experienced considering things like; budgets, time, security, resources, people, risks, integration and how people will use the solution, as well as calculate the time and cost of the solution
  • able to understand and document business processes – what happens when, how and why, as well as write proposals, functional and technical specifications, user interface guides and testscripts
  • brilliant at getting complex information across as clearly as possible, ensuring that nothing has been missed that could jeopardise the success of the project.
  • The key thing is to ensure that the solution is successful – it actually solves the business problem. The client uses it, it's easy to use and it does what it set out to do. A lot of IT projects fail – often they do what they said they would but it's too complex, too hard to use, buggy or slow. Your badge of honour will be to make sure that doesn't happen!

To be successful in this role, you will have:

  • at least 2-3 years in a similar role; as a BA designing software solutions
  • outstanding written and verbal communication skills
  • a big picture outlook while also being highly detailed

Who are we?

We are a Kiwi grown software company, a leader in the digital marketing space, providing some of NZ's leading organisations the latest technologies and trends in multi-channel marketing. We work with an impressive list of clients on the most exciting brands and projects

You'll work with a fabulously supportive social team and with some of NZ's leading organisations on the most exciting brands and projects.

Web Designer / Developer

We're looking for a super smart Web Designer / Developer who shares our enthusiasm for delivering high-quality, creative, forward thinking and clever web designs.

Ubiquity is a high-tech company, an acknowledged leader in marketing technologies delivering email, TXT, web and data driven marketing campaigns for NZ's top performing corporates, Govt. Depts and agencies. We work with customer data to produce sophisticated digital marketing campaigns. We help our clients with all aspects of their digital campaigns from strategy through to campaign execution, so there's always challenge and variety.

The campaigns Ubiquity creates aren't the standard banner-ads, SEO and microsite type of thing. They're data driven with highly personalised messaging that are often complex but always interesting.

Are you 'the one' we are looking for?

We are looking for a Creative Designer, able to come up with designs for emails, landing pages, online surveys and microsites.

You'll have:

  • 2-3 years' experience in design for online
  • Strong attention to detail, strive for the highest quality
  • Excellent time management with the ability to prioritise
  • You will be an expert in writing HTML and ideally have prior experience in writing HTML for emails and different mail clients including Outlook 03, 07, 10, 13 Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, Mac Mail, iPhone and Smartphones.
  • You will be proficient in CSS, Photoshop, Adobe Suite. jQuery would be an advantage.
  • You will have an understanding of JavaScript and be comfortable using this to create dynamic content in forms etc.
  • Your English communication skills (verbal and written) will be of a very high standard.

Our team meets high professional standards and gets work right the first time.

We can offer you:

  • A cool place to work
  • Exposure to the latest in online marketing technologies
  • Opportunities to work on world leading interactive projects
  • Great opportunity to get involved in a rapidly growing and interesting industry
  • An environment where your contribution is sought and valued
  • A fantastic team of smart people
  • Unique benefits and fully funded social club

How Does Engage Survey Stack Up Against The Free Online Survey Tools?

If you are a client of Ubiquity using Engage, you probably know that Engage has a full online survey module built into the platform. This allows you to run online surveys, research and questionnaires to customers, staff or other stakeholder groups.

There are a lot of good free or cheap survey tools out there like SurveyMonkey, and from time to time we get asked by our clients why they would use Engage Survey instead.

It’s hard to beat free, but in most cases, use of our survey module is already included in your Engage subscription. While we don’t have anything against monkeys, there are some very clear benefits to using Engage Survey:

Save your customers’ time and receive more responses with personalised forms

Because Engage is a fully integrated email and survey platform you can easily use your existing customer data to personalise both the survey and any response. You can auto-populate individual surveys with the data you already know about each customer, and set rules about which questions they see, based on what you already know about them.

When it comes to reviewing the data, it’s easy to get an immediately comprehensive picture; sorting responses by customer segment, for example, and all the information can be stored against that customer’s name in the one database.

Follow up is easy too: you can quickly send targeted personalised emails back to survey respondents – sending a different message back to those customers who identified as “highly satisfied”, for example.

Consistent customer experience with your own survey URL and branding

With Engage you have the ability to fully brand the survey – right down to the URL. Engage gives you the freedom to develop a template with your logo, font and imagery, so customers receive a consistent high-quality brand experience – and you can re-use it as often as you like. You also get to own the URL – useful for those occasions when playing host to a “monkey” in the web address of your market research isn’t so appropriate.

Your data is centralised in one place allowing you to manage contact rules

With Engage you can have a single centralised account for all your organisation’s online surveys, questionnaires and market research. This one-stop-shop approach removes the likelihood of different departments surveying similar things, and unnecessarily replicating effort – or worse, annoying customers! You can manage contact rules to ensure that you don’t over-survey your customer base or other stakeholders,

Integrated Database: make your online survey feed to and from the same database
 Engage offers an integrated customer database collating every interaction
your customers have with your brand across multiple marketing channels.


Each time a customer interacts with your brand, be it in a survey, email, website, web form or in social media, the interaction is tracked and stored against the record in the database.  This allows you to ensure that survey communications don’t overlap with other marketing.

Simpler quality control across multiple departments

One of our clients has 150 different staff conducting surveys and market research across multiple departments.  Engage simplifies the sign-off process by allowing their research team to easily monitor and get visibility over each one, without any separate, longwinded sign-off process.

Each staff member is empowered to simply log in to Engage and create their online survey or questionnaire themselves, but only the research team can do the final deploy, reducing the likelihood that surveys overlap or unintentionally hassle the same customer group.

Customers can trust their data is not travelling overseas

Unlike our American friends, all Engage data is hosted in New Zealand, which means your customer intelligence has the full protection of this country’s privacy legislation. In the U.S., anti-terrorism laws mean the government can access any data they like – and while that might seem like an extreme and irrelevant risk, many companies in Europe (and New Zealand) choose not to use U.S.-hosted cloud software for that reason.

If you’d like a demonstration of Engage Survey or want to know more, get in touch.