How Does Engage Survey Stack Up Against The Free Online Survey Tools?

If you are a client of Ubiquity using Engage, you probably know that Engage has a full online survey module built into the platform. This allows you to run online surveys, research and questionnaires to customers, staff or other stakeholder groups.

There are a lot of good free or cheap survey tools out there like SurveyMonkey, and from time to time we get asked by our clients why they would use Engage Survey instead.

It’s hard to beat free, but in most cases, use of our survey module is already included in your Engage subscription. While we don’t have anything against monkeys, there are some very clear benefits to using Engage Survey:

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Brainy Breakfast: Digital Marketing Tips From Kiwi Entrepreneurs

Ubiquity is delighted to be the exclusive sponsor of the Marketing Association’s Brainy Breakfast event series, and be a part of bringing these events to you.

The topic for the next Brainy Breakfast in Auckland is:

NZ Digital Entrepreneurs

Whether you work in a large corporate or a small business, we all need to make our marketing budgets work harder and achieve better results.

At this Brainy Breakfast we will hear digital marketing tips from three companies on how they digitally marketed their businesses into success. Discover the inside story of how these companies transitioned from marketing on a shoestring to managing large international campaigns.

Each speaker will share their key learnings and top tips on what worked and what failed with their chosen digital marketing strategies.

Confirmed speakers:


7:00am, Tuesday 1st of July

Pullman Hotel,
Cnr Princes St and Waterloo Quadrant, Auckland City.

To Attend:
Register via the Marketing Association website

3 Ways to Activate Your App Users with Relevant Push Notifications

You’ve created an app and put it to market in the expectation of growing your business but there’s a harsh reality: 80-90% of apps are only used once. The challenge is encouraging those who download the app to keep using it – and that’s where Push messaging comes in.

What is Push messaging?

Push messages, or Push notifications, are permission-based messages sent to mobile devices, activated at a time other than when the app user requests it. When done right, Push provides a complementary channel for getting your message seen.

When someone installs your app and subscribes to Push notifications you’ve got their approval to send them timely, relevant information.

Why are Push messages so important?

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Brainy Breakfast Poll Results: Your Critical Social Media Update!

Poll Questions: Why Does Your Organisation Use Social Media and How Do You Measure its Value?

Social media is an incredibly fluid area of marketing. The major players, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram are constantly changing their rules and new apps and platforms are coming onto the market every week.

With these constant changes, it’s important to understand and measure the value of social media. We put a couple of questions to NZ marketers at the latest Brainy Breakfast: What’s the main reason your organisation uses social media? How do you measure the value of this?What's the main reason your organisation uses social media?

Brand exposure continues to be the main reason NZ marketers use social media, with an overwhelming majority (64%) citing this in the poll.

Our second question asked how you measure the value of your social media in reaching this goal.  Here’s a summary of the responses.

  • Likes, comments and shares remain the most common quantitative metrics, as well as tracking click-throughs. Two-thirds of respondents mentioned at least one of these.
  • Those who chose A: brand exposure were far more likely to measure success qualitatively. These people said that looking at the numbers alone doesn’t tend to provide them an accurate overall representation of the success of their social effort.
  • Those who chose B: increasing traffic to your website measure the success of social media through Google Analytics, and the amount of enquiries and sales generated.
  • 1 in 5 respondents mentioned they measure engagement. Other popular terms mentioned were analytics, likes, shares, interaction.
  • Use an "engagement thermometer" to measure brand exposure.Many marketers responded that they rely on research and surveys at regular intervals, described as an “engagement thermometer”, “brand health check” or “brand perception monitor”.
  • Nearly 10% of those who answered the second question don’t currently measure the value of social media.
  •  Those who chose C:  marketplace insights mostly use subjective measures rather than numbers – listening and learning how the market feels about the industry in general, and about their brands. A couple of respondents mentioned they also look for feedback to improve usability (of apps, communications and websites) to improve conversions.

Finally, those who didn’t fit into one of the other three categories (and chose D: do we need a reason?) were given a slightly different question: How are you measuring the success of your social media marketing? Answers talked about engagement, interaction and action as the key measures of the success of their social media.

What can we learn from this?

More and more companies are achieving a better understanding of how to use social media by coupling social media with data-driven marketing.

The focus on engagement shows the trend for “creating beautiful experiences” that really resonate with customers, as described by Simon Young of SyEngage at the Brainy Breakfast. (For a detailed write-up on the Brainy Breakfast speakers, go here.) If what you’re sharing isn’t relevant to your audience, they won’t engage with it and it won’t be seen.

Listen, learn and use your data – likes, shares, comment – to gather valuable insights. That’s when your social data becomes truly powerful and allows you to create marketing campaigns that really resonate with your customers… and ultimately drive sales.

Web Application Software Ninja!

Our business is rapidly growing and we are looking for keen and intelligent Developers to create forward thinking software. We develop custom elegant solutions that interact with our industry leading online platform that is currently being used by the largest corporates and most exciting companies in New Zealand. Check out our list of clients.

This is a fantastic opportunity for an experienced Web Application Developer to join the Ubiquity team. We pride ourselves on developing well-built and well-polished software, so we are looking for someone with a high standard of excellence.

You’ll work with a fabulously supportive team, on some meaty projects, where your creative genius will be exercised.

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Marketers respond to consumers’ demands for higher standards in data protection

Ubiquity signs up for Marketing Association’s Data Warranty Register Trustmark

Data Warranted - Data Warranty RegisterIn an era of Big Data where marketers are able to collect huge amounts of personal data, it’s more important than ever that consumers trust that their data is secure and free from misuse. Ubiquity, New Zealand’s leader in data driven marketing solutions, has joined Mitre 10, Farmers, Ezibuy and Loyalty NZ in declaring that any personal information provided by customers is managed to the highest standards. And they now all have the Marketing Association’s Data Warranty Register Trustmark to prove it!

“Ubiquity is at the forefront of declaring its commitment to data privacy,” says Nathalie Morris, Managing Director of Ubiquity. “We’ve always complied with New Zealand and international data collection laws, and joining the Marketing Association’s Data Warranty Register simply formalises our commitment to ethical data collection and use.”

“We want our clients to know that we have extremely high standards for the collection, storage and use of their data and we’re pleased to demonstrate this externally through the Data Warranty Register Trustmark.”

Data Gathering Tactics on Social Media

Jeremy Marks - MOSHUbiquity guest blog post

Recently we were chatting with our friends over at Social Media consultancy MOSH about the approach they take to capturing data through Facebook, and found a lot of parallels with the advice we give our clients about data collection. Jeremy Marks wrote us a guest blog post on the subject.

When you set out to collect data from your customers, how much data they are prepared to offer is greatly influenced by your approach. It’s worth considering your market before you dive in. Continue reading

Feature Highlight: Increase Relevance with Dynamic Changeouts

Just for You: Dynamic Changeouts

As people’s email inboxes get more cluttered, marketers need more relevance to drive cut through. Dynamic Changeouts help you target your customers with personalised communications without the overhead of managing multiple different versions.

Use dynamic content to increase conversion: target and segment your customers based on location, behaviour, or purchase history.

Want to reach your customers with the right message at the right time without duplicating your work? Your Engage database makes it easy for you to be more targeted with your communications – you can reach many people at once while still tailoring your message to each customer to get the best conversion.

How? By linking specific database fields directly into your communications. That means you can have a single, flexible template with content that changes to make the information more relevant to each customer.

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